Testimonials and References

     My mother was in serious financial turmoil and had significant IRS liens and penalties due to past tax returns. She had lost her secondary health insurance, her home and auto insurance and her driver’s license had all expired. She was facing bankruptcy and didn’t know what to do.

     Lee agreed to help. He was able to reinstate her driver’s license, health and auto insurance and worked with a tax attorney to get the majority of her IRS fines and penalties waived. He then set her up in an assisted living facility and orchestrated her finances so she could live comfortably. He paid all her bills and had her taxes done for over three years.

     I highly recommend Lee Alton to anyone who is worried about parents who are unable to manage their day to day finances and related matters. Tami H. Torrance CA.


     My father was in his late 80’s and wanted to get his affairs in order. Lee Alton agreed to assist him and quickly consolidated his finances and established a Living Trust for him. When he needed assisted living and didn’t want to go to a nursing home, Lee was able to set up 24 hour in home care for him which made his last days very peaceful. After he passed away, Lee oversaw the repairs and sale of his home and organized everything for the executor to settle his estate.

     I would personally recommend Lee to anyone needing assistance in managing their personal affairs. Patricia S. Garland TX


     It is my pleasure to recommend Lee Alton and Alton Financial Management LLC. In the thirteen years I have known Mr. Alton, I have recognized the importance he places on integrity. The trust I place in him is invaluable, and matched only by the honesty in which he conducts himself and His business.  

James F. Kimmel, E.A. Phoenix, AZ


     My Father-in-law had dementia and could no longer manage his finances or their home. My mother-in-law had never handled their finances and was in desperate need of assistance. Lee set up an automatic bill payment system and monitored all their monthly bills. He also arranged for them to get a Living Trust.

     After several years it was too much for my mother-in-law to manage the house, so Lee helped them find a suitable Senior Living facility and orchestrated a complete move from their home. He effectively managed all their finances for nine years. 

     Lee is an extremely easy person to work with and I can’t recommend his services enough.Terry A. Scottsdale AZ


     A man of uncompromising integrity, Lee has been assisting the Elderly for over 10 years…I have no hesitation in giving Lee the highest recommendation of his services to anyone needing assistance in managing or organizing their personal financial affairs.

Robert E. Brown p.a.  Phoenix AZ